Egg Donation in Spain

Friday , 13, January 2017 Leave a comment

Spain is a very popular place to travel to for egg donation treatment. Some other countries in Europe do not allow this IVF treatment, for example Italy buy donor eggs, but Spain does. In addition, single women are able to be treated in Spain, so again this makes it a desirable destination for treatment.

During egg donation treatment, a young donor will be stimulated with hormonal drugs, and following a period of stimulation, her eggs will be collected by a doctor during surgery. The harvested eggs will be mixed with sperm in the laboratory and then, after a period of embryo growth, developed embryos will be transferred into the womb of a woman who is the recipient. The recipient is then known as the legal ‘mother’ of the transferred embryos.

In Spain, donation of sperm and eggs is anonymous. Therefore, many people come forward to donate and subsequently there is an abundance of donors. For IVF clinics in Spain, this means that they can offer patients egg donation treatments with little or no waiting lists. This is not the case in other countries in Europe. Donors, by law in Spain, can be no older than 35 years, therefore they tend to be young students or nurses. There is compensation given to the donor for the time and inconvenience involved in donating their eggs.

The law in Spain decrees that a patient who undergoes egg donation treatment is not able to choose the characteristics of the donor. The donor is carefully matched to the recipient and her partner by the clinic and they will take into account physical characteristics, for example, hair colour, eye colour, build, when selecting a donor for the recipient couple. Some countries, like the USA for example, do allow the recipient couple to choose their donor, but this is not the case in Spain.

Egg donation clinics in Spain usually charge a fixed amount for the treatment. In Madrid, this can start from about 6200 Euros. However, this price does not usually include extended culture of embryos or embryo freezing. So, there may be additional costs. Furthermore, there will also be travel costs and accommodation costs to consider, although egg donation clinics in Spain do try and limit the amount of time that you need to spend away from home.

Travelling to Spain for egg donation is a well-trodden path and the clinics are set up to receive foreign patients. They usually have international departments with staff who speak many languages. Therefore, comprehension of your treatment should never be an issue as translators will be on hand. Spain offers a good option for people who opt to choose a clinic abroad for fertility treatment.